What we offer

We offer a wide range of services, designed to support you and your family in your relocation journey from start to finish. Each relocation is different and each individual or family’s needs are unique. We therefor believe in creating personalised packages based on each client’s individual needs. We will gladly email you a detailed list of services, packages and prices. 


One of the biggest challenges when faced with the enormous task of relocating to a new country, is knowing where to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. We offer information on all aspects of the relocation process, from general information about life in the Netherlands to specific information on immigration questions, the job market, housing, education etc.  


If you have children of school going age (or younger), your biggest concern is probably finding a good quality school where your child(ren) will learn much and be happy. The Dutch education system is ranked among the top education systems globally, but understanding the different school systems and educational philosophies can be quite a challenge. Deciding whether you should enrol your child at a local Dutch school or rather let them follow an international curriculum is another challenge many parents face.  

We offer parents a complete service, from explaining the different schooling options (different school types / educational philosophies / high school streams / International schools) and the different factors to keep in mind when making a decision, to identifying the school that best meets your child’s needs. 

We also offer a complete school search package, with detailed (written) information on three schools of your choice (educational philosophy, profile of the school, number of learners, results from annual school inspection, application process to follow, information on waiting lists). As part of this package, we arrange school visits for you and can also accompany you to these visits (at an additional fee). 


Once in the Netherlands, the administrative tasks that are required of you can seem endless and overwhelming. We can assist you with registering at the town hall, opening a bank account, registering for DigiD, registering at a doctor’s practise, applying for child benefit, arranging for your TB testing at the municipal clinic, obtaining a cellphone contract, finding an internet service provider, help with filling out (Dutch) forms etc. 


Do you have questions about which visa’s or permits you require in order to be able to live and work in the Netherlands? Or do you need someone to guide you through the process of applying for a work visa / MVV / residence permit? We offer advice on the requirements and guide you through the application process. We ensure that you have all the required documents and that your forms are completed correctly. We can also make telephonic enquiries or appointments at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.  

Settling in 

Do you need someone to meet you at the airport and take you to your new home? Or are you struggling to figure out where to buy what? Do you need information on extra-mural activities for the children or a trusted babysitter? Or do you want to rent furniture for a month or two? We continue our support to you for as long as you need it. You ask, and we answer. 


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